Christmas time is here again

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Hi guys and gals,

It’s the session to be jolly, merry and blast those noobs ;-) Calls are echoing out from the forums this year for a Christmas armistice harking back to the days of WW1. Not unexpectedly these calls are falling on death ears, when best to launch an attack than on the day of days? It’s Christmas time guys, and although it’s not snowing (at least here in the UK or Portugal) we’re well in the festive spirit.

ae banner_xmas1 1

That early Christmas present Lyra has launched and over 6,000 players have already decided to take part in the fun. Aren’t early server starts fun? All that derb, trade route hits, lack of sleep and early credit bombs? Gotta love it! Good luck to everyone involved in Lyra, hope you’re enjoying the festivities! You haven’t started in Lyra yet? Well times not up, sign up now by clicking here!

sneak peak

This time I’ve managed to sneak something nice out of the AE boardroom. The following is a detailed artwork of the up and coming Frigate 3D model. Just enough to tease the taste buds isn’t it? It will not take long until the finished product is launched into the game.

Frigate Captura3

Finally, from myself and the whole team have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a bountiful Bodhi day, a prayerful Al-Hijira, a relaxing Yule or just a great day! Adeus!