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The year is 3279 AD and the once great civilisation of the United Federation of Planets has crumbled to a few residents residing in the distant corner of the galaxy in the Omega quadrant. The few survivors of the war with the Cybornians, an intelligent race who live on destroying other planets, now reside on the planet Xenophon that had been taken over by the Cybornians over 3 centuries ago. The entire population of the human race had been diminished to a thousand or so people.

Of course the Cybornians had also been destroyed, crushed by the retreating fire of the Federations ships. The Federation assembled an armada of every single star ship and pilot who was worthy to fly. All kinds of ships ranging from the small Delta class fighters to the Capital ships of the Prometheus class. There were countless scout ships, gathering information from every corner of the galaxy and relaying it back to Home base.

All diplomatic efforts to reinstate an alliance with the Cybornians had failed and aware of the Federations mass assembly, the Cybornians had also assembled a mass armada in the Delta quadrant unknown to the Federation.

Lieutenant Jack Xavier quietly stepped onto the catwalk and walked to the debriefing room. The sliding glass doors opened and the faces of Starfleet Admirals and Captains stared at him. “Well good to have you to here Lieutenant Xavier. We are just about to start”

“At 1845 hours, we had received word from our scouts in the Delta Quadrant, that the Cybornians are preparing for an all out war with the Federation of Planets. “Gamma ray scans indicate that the Cybornians are assembling a fleet of mass proportions to destroy the Federation. “Previous efforts to reinstate the alliance with them have thus far failed and it doesn’t look like they are going to”.

“The Fleet admiral and the Heads of Government have decided to assemble a counter attack force of every ship in the fleet. “I want everyone to prep themselves for battle and arrive at your designated ship within 2 days”.

Xavier woke up and stared at the planet in the star filled night sky. He walked to the cabinet in his house and slipped on into his formal uniform. “Where are you going” asked a quiet voice in the dark. It was Sarah, his wife. “I can’t tell you” Xavier replied. “Well wherever you are going, you better be back”. “I can’t live without you”. “I will be back”, replied Xavier. He then started his hover car and drove to the Spaceport.

“All pilots are to report to their ships immediately”. “Captains and Lieutenants are to assemble at the conference room at Starfleet headquarters without delay.” Xavier headed up the elevator to the conference room at the HQ.

Xavier took a seat near the circular conference table. Admiral Brent started to talk about the situation. He assessed each Captain to a Capital ship. “Captain Flynn, you will command the USS Polaris, Captain John, you will command the USS Messier. He read on the short list of names. He assessed each Lieutenant to a certain ship in the fleet known as the Odyssey class. These were the newest ships at the time and the most advanced.

Lieutenant Ford, you will command USS Prometheus, Lieutenant Xavier, you will command the USS Odyssey. Xavier was shocked. He never expected to command a Capital Starship.
Xavier took a shuttlecraft to Spaceport 7 where the USS Odyssey awaited him. It was incomprehensible. The sheer magnitude of titanium alloy mixed with regenerative hull armour and shields meant the ship was solely designed for combat. Starfleet had built 10 of the massive star ships.

“Captain on the bridge” the ensign called. Until further notice, and for the duration of this mission, his rank was changed to Captain. Xavier took a glance at the plush interior of the ship. No wonder it was designed for combat. The multitude of phaser arrays and quantum torpedo launchers had made him gasp.

Prometheus class MSD
“Captain, all flight checks complete, we are ready for launch on your command.” The fresh-faced ensign announced. Retract all moorings and group with the rest of the fleet near the assigned coordinates. The helmsmen swiped something on the touchscreen, which in turn activated the impulse engines.

The USS Odyssey travelled for a constant 20 minutes on impulse power until it reached the rendezvous point for all ships in the fleet. In that time, preliminary flight checks were completed and the warp drive was prepped for flight. Out of the star filled night sky, one of the biggest fleet assembly operations were undergoing.

“Commence warp systems check and prepare for warp in one minute”. Xavier said. The computer showed all the vital instrumental data. “Warp systems are fully functional Captain”.
The fleet admiral announced for all ships to commence warp at the same time. Fighters were stowed into hangars and the countdown began. Engage warp in 3…2…1.


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