The Drekon's Singularity

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Years ago began war of epic proportions. My civilization forced to allied with multiple races of different shapes and sizes against a common enemy. The Drekons. They have ravaged countless systems, destroyed entire civilizations in mere days. We ignorantly thought the Drekons would never come to our galaxy, Tresea, but of course we were wrong.

The initial attack was massive signaling the start of a, less than fair, war. As time when on enemies became friends, friends became brothers. Our fleet combined outnumbered the Drekon's three to one, but it was almost useless against the Drekon's advanced technology. With low victories and even lower moral defeat seemed inevitable. 

That was until a recent discovery changed all that. We have one tech that far surpasses anything belonging to the Drekon's. We have formulated a way to create a temporary singularity with infinite density, or in other words, a black hole. The best part in all this is I get to pilot the ship that fires it. The name of such a frightening craft is Sharrel.
"Are you ready captain?" my co-pilot asked with a little concern in his voice. 
"No I'm not," I said back.

We both laughed as we walked down a long narrow hallway. My co-pilot is a humanoid named Andrew. He was adopted by a human family after his home was destroyed by the Drekon's. The only difference between a human and him are the smooth bumps going up his arm which stops just below his neck. 
"Me neither," Andrew said." I'd praise the man who'd said he was."

We reach the end of the hallway and turned left to a large, two foot thick, blast door. Andrew typed in a code on a panel to his left, causing the door to split right down the middle. We entered a hanger bay where the Sharrel awaited us. Her frame work gleamed under the fluorescent lighting above. She is a V shaped vessel, slightly smaller than a fighter. In the center was a sphere with a long barrel jetting out the front. 

I went up to the left wing and said "Hello my sexy darling." The ships engine hummed to life as a door swung open from the sphere, and stairs extend downward. We both climbed up into two seats adjacent to each other. 
"Couldn't they have chosen a better voice activation code," Andrew complained as he fastened himself in.
"I chose the code," I said as I also fastened myself in."Got a problem with it?"
"Then lets get going."


I grabbed the controls and began lifting the Sharrel off the ground, maneuvering us out of the Titan we were in. Now in space we see the tens of thousands of ships preparing for the on coming invasion. This will be the last major battle we fight if we lose. 
"They're almost here. Let get into position," Andrew said.

We park our ship in the mist of several hundred thousand fighters and bombers to reduce the chance of our ship getting hit.
A couple minutes went by until the Drekon's finally arrive out of warp. At first it is just small ships: destroyers, heavy cruisers, and many other types, but eventually two Death Stars also popped up. The Death Star was the ultimate ship and weapon of the Drekon arsenal. Having the size of a moon and a weapon which could destroy our largest ships made it was pretty menacing. The Drekon's waste no time to attack and start firing upon our fleet.
"Lets do this," Andrew said arming the ship."We're hot and ready to fire."
"Positioning to coords zero zero two alpha three zero nine foxtrot," I said aiming the directly at the farthest Death Star."Path way is clear...firing now." 

Pressing a small yellow button the ship shuddered as a pure white beam shot the Death Star. Instantly a black hole started to form slowly swallowing the Death Star and other ships around it. Soon enough the black hole collapsed on itself destroying whatever was left of the Death Star.
"Hell ya!" We both yelled in unison. 

But no later when we said that most of the Drekon ship started to converge on us. 
"Damn they saw us shoot," I said."We have to take out that other Death Star in order to make this an even fight. Radio in commander Riggens."
"Yes sir."

There was a momentary click in the comms then the commanders voice filled the ship.
"Hell of a shot," he said laughing."I have never seen a Death Star destroyed so easily."
"Thanks but they saw us shoot and now are firing upon us," I urgently said."We need two minutes cool down before we're ready to take out the second one."
"I'm rerouting a leviathan/titan battle group to give you cover," Commander Riggen's said."If you guy's can rid us of that Death Star all the drinks are on me afterwards."

Before I had a chance to reply the Commander clicked out of transmission. Immediately we were surrounded by three Leviathan's and dozens of Titans. Thousands of fighters burst out of the hanger doors of the ships. It made me feel assured about our safety.

Just then the Death Star shortly released a green laser hitting one of the three Leviathan's. The laser pierced through the shields and hull no trouble at all and exited out the other side. Two explosions came out from both sides where the laser hit. Smaller explosions spread throughout the ship until altogether the Leviathan disintegrated with a massive fireball consuming the entire ship.

Surely that shot was meant for us, but instead hit the ship with thousands more lives on it. The Drekon's will pay for the billions they have wiped out.
"We're primed and ready to fire," Andrew informed.
"Positioning to coords zero one five alpha four two eight whisky," I said redirecting the gun towards the second Death Star."Pathway is clear...firing now!"

As did before a pure white beam hit the Death Star instantly materializing a black hole. It tore the moon sized orb to pieces, and did not collapse on itself like the last one. It continued to grow even after it consumed the Death Star whole. Within minutes the black hole destroyed half the Drekon fleet and they started, for the first time in history, to retreat. The black hole finally collapsed in on itself leaving nothing in its wake. 
"Outstanding!" the comms blared.

It was Commander Riggens.
"Looks like I owe you to some beer," he continued."Hell, I'll even buy it by the barrel if you guy's want!"

In truth I did not deserve the free drink. I was just following the orders given me right down to the letter. I did not do any kind of heroic act. All I did was aim and fire. But there was no way I would tell him that. Free beer, what can I say?

Story sent by Adrian Pleasant for the AE Stories event.