The First Captured Raven

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> Security Clearance Confirmed as Echo 15 Top Secret
> Please stand by as the requested data packet is transferred
> Warning! Data packet contains classified information pertaining to the Ravens. Do you still wish to view the contentConfirmed…
> Standby…
> Audio packet has been uploaded.
> Now playing.

“This is Dr. John Lawson, United Colonies Zenobiology Department, March 23 2967. (Heavy breathing) This recording is a live lecture of the first actual exploratory surgery on a captured Raven alien. This Raven was captured over a colony called Murdock, Argon Cluster, two weeks ago. So far, the specimen my Zenobiology team has dubbed Eve, has remained unresponsive to all known forms of sedatives and regicides.”
“Dr, we are ready.”

(Something kicking in the background and loud metal thuds as a medical cart is rolled across the floor)

“For this reason, the exploratory surgery must unfortunately be conducted on the Raven as it remains conscious. Given the lack of humility being shown upon all life in the universe by the Ravens at this point the cruelty of this affair seems somewhat poetic.”

(Loud footsteps and the activation of a heart monitor. Deep thudding beeps start to sound in the audio)

“My assistant, a Dr. Nero Musoki, will assist me during this surgery. We are about to begin.”

(Gagged muddled screaming as metal instruments are tapped one at a time against a surgical tray. There is also the sound of clothe being ruffled, possibly rolled down to reveal the aliens body)

“Specimen: Raven, alien, unknown affiliation to humanity. Gender: Female, unknown if gender is alien specific. Hair color: black and long. Eye color: dark red. Approximate Age: unknown, unable to determine based on current understanding of Raven species. The specimen also has long knife like ears, possible prehistoric contact with humanity may have created concept of elves in our cultural identity, but that is merely speculation. The creature’s skin is also brown despite deep space transit and survival. This is possibly an embedded genetic characteristic. Sexual organs…”

(Traumatic kicking and loud gagged screaming)

“The Raven possesses female sexual organs similar to that of humans, but with a higher degree of sensitivity.”

(The heart beat monitor slowly started to climb as something metal scrapped against something else metal, possibly the coroners saw against the metal surgical tray)

“We are about to begin the exploratory surgery… with a typical y-shaped incision starting at the shoulders and meeting at the sternum.”

(The metal saw whined to life as the heart rate beeps greatly increased. Then came the sound of grinding and frantic heart beeps. There was also loud gagged screaming and thrashing)

“Note, specimen has red blood cells and a higher density bone structure in comparison to that of humans. Initial incisions show a heightened sense of pain, but without the human ability to faint as a result of intense physical trauma.”

(The saw stopped as did the kicking. The screaming was replaced by sobbing as something wet snapped and was placed inside a metal tray)

“I will now pull back the skin…”

(The sobbing continued as the heart rate slowed and eventually stopped)

“Raven death confirmed at 0800 hours Mandarian Primus Time. We will now continue the surgery. Please stand by…”

(There was the sound of something being washed away. Then came more tools being tapped on the metal surgical pan)

“I can confirm that the alien’s physiology is similar to that of humans in the muscle and organ dispersal. Arteries and ligaments are also of similar nature. However, upon closer inspection I see that the Raven posses two hearts of rather large size with both being intertwined just under the sternum. The alien also appears to lack a liver and kidneys, but in those locations there appears to be attachments for a symbiotic-cybernetic prosthesis. It would appear as though our initial suspicions regarding the Ravens are indeed correct. They are a biomechanical race whose physiology is mutually dependent upon their ships, or perhaps portable cybernetic prosthesis.”

(Sounds of scalpel cutting away at flesh)

“In closer inspection to species secondary sexual organs we can confirm that the female Raven does not possess the ability to produce breasts milk. This suggests that contrary to all current evidence, the Raven as a species is not Mammalian.”
“Dr. Lawson. Look at this. This can’t be right…”

(Sounds of something fleshy being pressed aside)

“Well I’ll be damned. Dr. Musoki has just finished removing the Ravens Lower Intestine, and we have discovered that the creature, despite its female appearance, does not possess a reproductive system beyond the womb, and there appear to be no surgical alterations as to suggest intentional castration. This is mere speculation but it would appear as though the Ravens are intentionally grown to be incapable of Mammalian reproduction despite clearly being of the Mammalian classification. This suggests genetic recombination and cloning as the primary means of reproduction, possibly with invetro-fertilization.”

66 first captured raven
(The heart beats suddenly restarted)

“What the hell!!”

(The heart beats began to race)

“Dr…. what’s going on… how it can be alive!!”

(Sounds of shaking, fighting, heart beats racing, and metal falling onto the floor)

“The door!! Open the door!!”

(Sound of a massive explosion and the audio cutting out)

Memo: Raven species Biomechanical bodies self destruct shortly after death. The biological analysis of the charred remains suggests that an intentional violent cellular reaction occurs causing the carbon structure to explosively combust. This is a possible counter measure to prevent non-Raven alien species from learning Raven biomechanical technology through dissection.

End Audio Log

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