The Prophesy

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The elite women of our fleets were out celebrating another victory.  Recently returned from a glorious battle against the United Federation of Planets.  The return was celebrated across our entire empire. They brought much glory upon Torvaldia and upon our emperor, Mr. Tovald, all glory to his name. Our coffers were full, overflowing even. Construction was going at a frantic pace, our scientists were working on developing new technologies to make our space women even more fearful. Our produciton lines.. our glorious production lines, were operating at 100% efficiency, each of bases having over 2 million credits worth of fleet in production. We were set to live a somewhat peaceful existence or the next few months.  Rebuilding and expanding upon what we lost.
One week went by, then two weeks, and even three weeks.  Our men were enjoying the return of our space women, there was much carousing.  I think in due time our average household size is going to increase drastically.  All parties, however, must come to an end.  
Just a few short weeks into the new era of peace and prosperity, our leader, all glory upon his name, received notice about something that would change the shape of the universe for ever more.  All fleets of our alliance were to be assembled.  The prophesied gathering had begun.  For days upon days fleets started staggering into the rally point.  Something big was afoot.  The prophesy fortold of a day to come when a great battle was to take place, the likes of which the galaxies had never seen beore.  It was foretold that many would die, many empires would crumble and some would be lost forever.  The prophesy mentioned destruction akin to complete genocide.  The prophecy also said that the victor would reap an unfathomable amound of riches.  there was a warning with the prophesy.  It warned of treachery and trickery by the enemy.
We gathered, mngling our fleets with our brothers and sisters of other empires.  The mighty empires of the alliance.  500 million units, 1 billion, 2 billion, 4 billion... More streaming in every day.  This gathering was enourmous.  would it be enough?  Only time would tell.  
Finally, the time came to launch.  The women of Torvaldia were ready.  More ready than they had ever been.  They knew what was at stake.  The launch had to be perfect.  All empires working in concert with each other to create a perfectly timed launch.  
First the massive leviathans and titans.  So ugly, so slow.  So beautiful when raining down destruction upon the enemy.  Leviathans are the only thing we fear.  We wished them luck on their journeys.  knowing that they would be leaving a week before the rest of us.  Enduring the terrible silence of space, not knowing for days on end whether everything was going as planned.  
The drednaughts launch, then the battleships and heavy cruisers.  Even tho we are sleeker and faster than heavy cruisers, we launch when they do, using some old battered heavies from the early years of torvaldia to slow us down.  Our ships are beautiful, especially when comparied to the uglier heavies.  We are a quick and versitle fleet.  Our ships are utterly black, using special coating that absorbs light.  When looking into space, we are the darkness between the stars.
At this point, we can only hope that the rest of the armada has launched, the frigats, odd unshielded units that are at the mercy of many, despite being incredibly fast and annoying, the other cruisers, and of ocurse the massive fighter fleets.
40 hours...  35 hours...  30 hours..  We can see the enemy gathering a large force.  Are they going to try and contest our landing?  25 hours.  The enemy grows.  10 hours, the enemy force is still growing.  They are going to contest our landing.   5 hours..  3 hours...  1 hour...  5 minutes.
All hell breaks loose.  We lose contact with our space women and fear the worst.  Local media is streaming reports ofmassive battles across the news ticker.  Then the news comes in.  Our space women were ambushed on landing.   Comachi, An emprorer we have never heard of laid in wait with his hated leviathans.  We didn't stand a chance.  All of our beautiful cruisers gone.  Our carriers, gone.  All of our fighters, gone.  Our women..  Our wonderful and beautiful women, gone.  We can only hope that it is going better for other empires.
As the reports come in, we find that the alliance is winning.  The hated Pokedom alliance is losing.  The prohphesy was true.  We have won the battle.  There is much sadness across the empire, knowing that hundreds of million of our space women will not be coming home.  The first death bell rings.  We observe a day silence.  Even our leader, Mr. Tovald, all glory to his name, is saddened.  Holding candelight vigil for days on end.  
While our empire will endure and even expand due to this battle, our hearts go out to all those that died in battle; we promise to rebuild bigger, better, and stronger than before.  With the income from this battle we are building another base, expanding our capabilities, furthering our construction, expanding our research, and, as always, producing more fleet.
59 unconventional
This will be the day that the whole galaxy will whispher in Dead Silence of the battle that was.  Some will reminisce about the dreams that were crushed, others will talk about empires that are no more, but for the people of Torvaldia, we will remember the vicotry that was ours, despite our horrible loss.  This was a victory for all of the alliance!
All hail Kraton, the mighty leader of the alliance.

Story sent by Gorfmid for the AE Stories event.