Beginning Of The End

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58 speed"Launch fighters!" Sirens sounded in the depths of the ship as the fighters were rushed to launch status.

"All Fleet Carriers are to pull back once fighters have been released and corvettes are to cover them".

"Fighter Leaders you know your role. Clear the way for the fleet of any light ships then you are free to engage targets of opportunity. We will take down the big boys".

"you all know your duties. May the ancestors watch over you."

Turning to captain Blakemore the admiral smiled coldly "captain the bridge is yours, I have a dynasty to end"

Admiral Thompson sat back into his command throne towards the rear of the custom built bridge. The Strider had a bridge twice the size of any ship in the fleet purposely built so that the commanding admiral could view the whole battlefield while also being able to watch events unfold on the bridge. Keying in a few commands the main holo globe appeared in front of Admiral Thompson. Green icons started to appear next to cruisers and fleet carriers as there fighter's dethatched or were launched. Soon the globe started to become clustered with icons as the fleet came to battle readiness.

The deck shuddered signalling the launch of the fighters from the hangars of the "Strider". He felt a slight sense of movement as the inertia dampeners tried to accommodate and knew immediately that the ship was coming about and preparing to make the small jump into FTL to a safe distance. On the holo globe the corvettes took up a defensive position around the carriers. Red icons started to appear as the enemy came flooding out of FTL. He made some adjustments and the globe grew larger filling the bridge space. His advisory staff took positions around the globe all holding their relevant data slabs.

"So people here we are, the plotters got it right and the enemy has arrived on time."

Scouts seeded throughout the 46 Galaxy had spotted the enemy force inbound on a system and immediately sent out dispatch drones. The high command had given the order to destroy the rogue fleet that had been liberating occupied planets throughout the galaxy. Timing had been critical so the enemy didn't see the trap till it was too late. Landing the fleet on a nearby planetoid under the ID codes of another guild the fleet had pulled off a cunning ploy. 2 minutes before the enemy fleet landed the guild fleet made the short jump to the enemy base and destroyed all military installations and prepared to face the enemy fleet.

An adviser spoke breaking Thompson's train of thought.

"Admiral the enemy has spotted us and is panicking. Half the fleet is trying to evade and jump out the other half is trying to form into battle formation".

"Order all fighters to engage. Destroyers and Cruisers are to follow."

"Let's take full advantage of their folly!"

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