Dead Silence

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Recently, as I was coming home from the intergalactic bank, I was pondering the financial stability of the galactic empire that I had founded many long years ago, at the beginning of the galaxy.  I realized that in just a few short weeks the empire would be unable to keep its productions facilities running at full capacity.  This was a disheartening thought.  What could I do to improve the situation?   Well, one course of action would be to acquire some new territory; this would require us policing the territory to ensure there were no bandits.  The drawback is this doesn’t always pay off immediately; sometimes it is a long process.
Well, I when I arrived back at my headquarters I made sure that all of trades were operating at peak efficiency.  Everything looked fine on the economic front.  Our production capacity just far outstripped our income.  I know, I know, it is not a bad problem to have.  
While I was pondering our dilemma I was struck with a thought!  We needed a raid!  Brilliant!  Butwho can we raid?  The enemy is cunning, full of deceit and trickery, they are not to be trusted at all.  Additionally, we were much too small to take on the hated Pokedom alliance alone.  Better to steer clear of anything that might endanger our greatest asset, our brave nubile young women, bred to be pleasing both on and off the battlefield, if you get my meaning.
I started at once to contact neighboring empires.  It seemed as if I was on top of the world.  We couldn’t find a raid that fit within our parameters.  That’s when something truly fortunate happened.  The leader of our glorious assembly of empires, whose name I cannot mention due to the glory and sacredness of his being, deigned to contact me!  O how incredibly blessed am I?  The honor!  I could not believe it.  He uttered one simple phrase, do you know were the United Federation of Planets (UFP) fleet massing is?  I was horrified, my mind couldn’t think!  I blurted out uhh, errr, 55?  What was I thinking!  55?  I knew this was wrong as soon as I said it.  Maybe my age was starting to affect my rational.  Fortunately, I was able to quickly rectify my mistake and verify were the blob was located.  50!  Of all the places.  Why would they go to 50?  It made no sense to me.
The next thing our glorious leader asked me was to organize a raid and take care of those pesky empires once and for all.  They were in league with our hated enemies, so this could be a great blow to the Pokedom alliance.
I started to organize my team.  We needed to be fast, stealthy, have the ability to kill them quickly, and above all, be able to recycle the debris as quickly as possible.  We had a window of 6 hours from the time of detection.  My team came together quickly.  Red, OBT, OLT, the French Goat, Zen, and the Torvaldian Empires..  This was perfect.  We had close to 10 million fighters, several hundred thousand cruisers and heavy cruisers.  Nothing bigger, nothing slower.  
Once the team was assembled, we gathered as quickly as possible at our launch coordinates.  I spent considerable amount of time scouting out our targets galaxy, it was, after all, several galaxy clusters away from us.  We needed to be sure.  During this scouting frenzy I was able to determine that the commanders of their fleet spent considerable amount of time away from their ships, our spies told us that they all had additional jobs in order to pay for their shiny space boats.  There nations were not as gifted at fleet maneuvers and raids as our alliance was.  What a fortunate boon!
The time finally came to launch.  It was not a long wait, this raid came together amazingly quick.  We had 350 million in fleet totals launching with a synchronized arrival time.  Our fleet was one of the last to launch.   Our Space women were ready.  Excitement clearly etched on their faces.   This is what they had been trained for.  Many were veterans of other battles and skirmishes.  
We launched!  The timing was perfect!  All but one fleet landing within a mere second of each other.  The other fleet was 48 seconds behind.  We can’t blame him, his men were distracted by all the beauty of our women, who would not let anything detour them from the mission at hand.
Now we wait.  Soon, our brave women would be landing.  I coordinate the next launch, issuing orders among our raid group, once again to create a synchronized landing.  We post a target list, each of us claiming targets that may run if we are detected.  All is set.  The hours creep by.  I can’t sleep.  I check for messages constantly to make sure nothing has gone awry.  Our scouts are reporting that there is no movement on UFP’s blob.  More importantly, our scouts are telling us that nothing is happening on the hated Pokedom’s massive blob.  This is great news.  We have landed without being detected.

47 dead 01

Within minutes of landing, we launch again, our timing precise.  60 minutes.  They creep by.  We get closer and closer, and there is still no sign of recognition from UFP or Pokedom.  Could it be?  Could we have made it all this way without being detected?   Yes!  We land without being detected
We immediately launch for the UFP blob.  They have no idea what is about to happen, despite being able to see us on their scanners for the last hour.  What were their captains thinking working a 2nd job?  Everyone else on the ships seemed to be asleep.
Then it happens, BOOOOM, BOOOOM, BOOOOM!  Fighters started dropping on the enemy.  Ships being blown up, Reports coming in faster than I can read them.  Ms. Santana, the admiral in charge of my cruisers is on the line, she said it is like sitting ducks.  Only the enemy’s auto fire is working, they are not moving or doing anything.  I order her in to complete the job.   She readies her plasma and discharges.  The first shot that is heard around the galaxy.  Mattyf has just lost his entire fleet.  Hamlicar Barca is next, followed by Tyr, and Edol, the leader of UFP.  Reports are coming in that other fleets are being mauled with incredible ratios.  
122 million UFP fleet is no more.  We have won a decisive victory.  I hear of victory parties on The French Goats ships, Zen has raised some odd flag with a maple leaf in the middle, OBT and OLT are celebrating together.   Indeed, it was a glorious undertaking. 
Constant vigilance is our friend for the next several hours.  The hated Pokedom has been alerted.  They have launched several hundred million to get us.  The first of their fleets, a frigate fleet, lands before we are done collecting.  Everyone is tense, expecting something to happen.  They keep sending scouts, we keep killing them.  We send scouts at them, which are in turn killed.  We can only wait and watch.  We know the bulk of their intercepting fleet lands 2-3 hours after we have finished recycling all of the debris.  3 hours…  4 hours.. 6 hours.. 
It is time; we make a mad dash to our exit location.  1 hour of travel time.  I am Starting to feel elated and euphoric.  We are going to make it.  Then one of our members doesn’t move at the scheduled time.  This could spell doom!  Apparently he was out celebrating with his true fleet captain (congratulations).   Fortunately he was able to get back to the helm and order his fleet to move to our departure gate.
We made it!  Amazing!  The shock of this will be felt in the United Federation of Planets for a long, long time.  They have already had several members leave their alliance; several have no fleet left at all and will not pose an immediate threat to anyone.  
This was a glorious victory for our alliance, Dark Silence.  Remember us, you won’t see us coming until it is too late, but we will be there to hear you scream.
All hail our glorious leader!

Story sent by Gorfmid for the AE Stories event.