Veterans & Victory

Written by Dredd Pyrate Roberts on . Posted in AE Stories

Veterans & VictoryFIRST BLOODLt Frig Dellingr waited impatiently, fidgeting, muscles tensing back and forth, his thoughts a wicked race of violent tactics and visions of victory. “Why do they urge us to fight hard??? Let me at them, we will show them who owns the skies!” he fumed.

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Written by Deus Ex on . Posted in AE Stories

CheckmateAdmiral Horton stood at the helm watching the holographic rendering of the Nemesis Center Force as it mobilized around Ios Primus, one of the few remaining United Colonies strongholds in the Argon Cluster. It had been six years since the beginning of the Ravens March that long and brutal war waged across the Argon Cluster between the United Colonies and the Styx Imperia.…

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Final Horizon

Written by Sardaukar17 on . Posted in AE Stories

Final HorizonEdward woke to the sound of the ship intercom. Something about someone being needed somewhere... The sound echoed off into nothing outside in the corridor too late and too loud to allow his slumber to remain undisturbed. Now suddenly and uncomfortably conscious the room became more focused and his awareness reached past the warm blankets of his bed.…

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Legacy of a Galactic Empire - Episode 1 - Days of prosperity

Written by Corey W. on . Posted in AE Stories

Legacy of a Galactic Empire -  Episode 1 - Days of prosperity (21,000 years before the current AE date) Transmission activated…20,560 years since the arrival…AI systems activated beginning transmissions “I am Rear Admiral Mikhile Vox (Mik-I-L, V-Ox) of the 112th Intergalactic Enforcer Corps Fleet of the Maliken Empire and if you can hear this, then you still have hope. In the days of prosperity our empire, the Maliken Empire, was the strongest force in the known universe. Our cities covered entire planets, and our skyscrapers were so high they seemed to kiss the stars. This is our legacy…my legacy, and through this recount you will learn the key to your survival…let’s first start off with my life before the arrival…”…

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The Talian Chronicles: Dissolution (Part 1)

Written by James “Jimmy” Morris on . Posted in AE Stories

The Talian Chronicles: Dissolution (Part 1)This is my first entry in the Talian Chronicles; a story about perseverance against all odds, which I find to be critical in this game. I hope you enjoy it, and I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you, Jimmy.My name is Darren Thatcher. I am a Base Commander for the Talian Empire, in charge of Logistics mainly, in charge of helping our fleets move faster. …

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