Scarlet Darkness

Written by Hunter Spencer on . Posted in AE Stories

Scarlet DarknessCaptain Hawthorne rested in his bed as the voice of the Unified Space Peace Congress Spokesperson droned on through the speakers of his CommPad. It was ridiculous, in Hawthorne's mind, that anyone could say so much about nothing, especially the particular brand of nothing that the Spokesperson chose…

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Android: The Awakening

Written by McKenzie Zobrist on . Posted in AE Stories

Android: The AwakeningGreetings, my name is... well, what is a name but a designation? In all of human existence there have only been a few thousand names. But for your convenience you may call me Io. I am, or at least I was, a industrial android. An Android is the closest thing to a artificial human your kind has create…

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The Holographic Solution

Written by tipples on . Posted in AE Stories

The Holographic SolutionThe young duty officer’s face was white as he watched the screens in the command center. Each screen was at his head height or above, and his neck was tipped back, mouth open in horror. The scenes playing before him were ugly, as horrific as anything he had seen or imagined in his relatively short c…

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Divine Chaos

Written by Evan Galea on . Posted in AE Stories

Divine Chaos“You rarely destroy an empire, sure you can zero fleet it, starve it of goods or money, or blow up a planet with a death star, but once the foundation of an empire has been built, it can always be built on again.” And this one was rebuilt on vengeance. The Amieuronite empire was once a proud, high s…

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A soldier's story

Written by Spartan117 on . Posted in AE Stories

A soldier's storyAs I walked onto the bridge, there she sat, her eyes as blue as a midsummers day, her lushes golden hair long and wavy as if there were a breeze but I should have known better there was no breeze on a Admirals bridge. “Commander you got that?”“Yes, Ma’am”. I really should not have daydreamed while s…

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