Goodbye My Love

Written by Acorna on . Posted in AE Stories

Goodbye My LoveAs her flagship approached the moonbase Kessel where her forces had been gathered, her heart was in her throat. She recalled the last time she had visited this location, along with others in her guild. It was his Capital, as well as a high level JG. The mission had been a success and the celebration…

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Operation Supernova

Written by Tyguy609 on . Posted in AE Stories

Operation SupernovaIt was a clear day on the planet of Rylüth.  High Admiral Toquar was sitting at his desk in his office located in the Imperial Fleet’s high command complex.  This morning, he was looking out of his office at the surrounding skyline of the capital city, Casatanor.  He loved to look out into space on a clear day like this, and remember the ‘good times’ that he was captain of his own ship, the ISS Excelsior.  A beeping noise brought him back to reality, and he turned his chair back around to face his holodesk.  In the top right corner of his holoscreen, an “Incoming Call” alert was flashing.  He hit the appropriate key on his desk to connect the line.…

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The Station

Written by Satyrical on . Posted in AE Stories

The Station'Show me that again', said Blitz. The androids' lights flickered, as it wordlessly communicated with the other bots. The screen showed static, then showed a picture of black on black. After a few seconds, though, a light appeared, and it soon became apparent that the screen was showing a picture of a sunrise, normal in any system. The sun rose majestically over the rocky landscape, illuminating a large jump gate and a moon. Then the moon moved.…

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