Servers Downtime

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Servers DowntimeServers will close today (day March 16) around 10:00 GMT during 1 to 2 hours to technical operations. The game time will also change from the actual GMT+2 to GMT+1 (being the same as European Central Time) .

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Public Service Announcement: DDoS Attacks

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Public Service Announcement: DDoS AttacksDear players,Over the past week Astro Empires has been under a strong DDoS attack. A distributed denial-of-service attack is when someone uses many compromised computers to bombard a website with traffic until nobody else can access it. We know that this has caused a lot of inconvenience to all members of our community and do apologise unreservedly, but rest assured we did everything within our power to put an end to the attack as soon as was possible.…

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Forum is back online

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Forum is back onlineWe are happy to inform that our community forum is once again back online and open to the public. Ther forum has been closed due to the recent DDoS attacks and changes were made in order to make it work with the new DDoS protection system.…

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