The Interactive map is here and the speed server is coming!

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Hi guys,

It's been quite a time since our last blog with lots going on in and out of AE HQ. We're going to take a look at all the latest news and some new bits and pieces from the community. Let's start by taking a look at the news from AENN! 

7th January - Vote for AE on BBGsite!
It's that time of year again, time for the big vote on BBGSite for 2010s best browser games. In 2009 AE took the gold for 'Most Popular' and we're looking to defend our medal! You can vote three times every 24 hours for AE, so don't be afraid to ;) Click here to vote for us.

14th January - Monthly contest (January)
Fancy a chance to win a few free upgrades? Well our January monthly contest has been launched and this time it is to identify which member of the AE team is Luis, our grathic designer from our AE photo. Have a look through the older blogs for a clue ;-) Why not get involved?

21st January - The Interactive map (Beta Launch)
As promised in our last blog we have launched the new Interactive map. No longer will commanding your fleets or exploring your sectors be a static experience! As the map is in beta testing we're looking for feedback and bugs to be reported! You can start using it by setting the map to interactive in your account display settings.

27th January - New AE Gift Store
New products, new images and plenty of use of our new 3D ship designs. So if you're looking to deck out your IPhone with AE, drink from an AE mug or wear your AE fandom across your chest our new store is here for you. Check it out yourself here.

This time we're going to take a look at something that has been entering it's final stages of development. The Astro Empires speed server!

So, what is a speed server? To put it simply the speed server will be like our existing servers with a few changes. First, it will run multiple times faster. Everything from movement to research, construction to production will run 3, 4, 5 or perhaps 6 times faster than it does on the standard servers. Now that's fast!

So whats is a rounds server? Our speed server will not just be fast. It will have set start and end times which will be advertised on opening allowing you to work towards its conclusion. Small prizes will be awarded to the winners and a leader table available for gloating purposes for years to come! Want proof you're the best, well here is your chance to prove it to everyone!

So you're thinking just a fast AE server that ends wouldn't be exciting enough? Well that's not all ;-) Round of the server can be different. How about a round without guilds? Destroyable bases?! The possibilities are endless and so will the fun of working with these new mechanics, discovering the best stratagies before anybody else does and using them to win the round! Have an idea for an awesome round mechanic or any ideas for the server? Post them here!

Now on the community front, do you guys remember Lu Bu and Miekka? They met through AE, later arranged to met in RL and fell in love. We've been covering their wedding plans on the blog and the big day was January 8th! Miekka has been in touch and send us this picture from the best day in her life. Please do join me in wishing the happy couple all the best in the future. Mazel tov!


With community in mind we have been releasing AE Stories over the past few months now and we have been astounded by the interest and quality of the stories we have been receiving. Thank you AE community for getting involved and may you continue to share your stories of the Astroverse! Here is a short list of some of the best stories we've released over the past three months in no particular order.

Celestial Arbiter by Wolf Klaw
Visions of War by Cattraknoff
Bonaparte's Last Charge by Thomas Wiggins
And Icarus Flew by Snow Gryphon
Goodbye my love by Acorna
The History of the Vilani Empire by Earthsphere Alliance

If you fancy joining in and sending us your own story, click here for details!

Speaking of AE Stories, Ramdat sent us in his 'Fresh Prince of Beta'. I didn't feel it was quite right for the AE Stories event but thought it was well worth sharing with the community! Now enjoy!

Now, this is a story all about how
My guild got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became a part of the GLORYious heir

In central betaverse, born and raised 
In the training guild is where I spent most of my days 
Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool
And all training some noobs out of my pool 
When a couple of Wolves
Who were up to no good
Disbanded us, we're misunderstood 
I made one announcement and my noobs got scared 
I said "We're movin' with our auntie and uncle over here"

I talked and chatted with Ruin day after day 
He packed HONOR's suitcases and sent them on their way
He gave me some members and then gave me my permit 
I reformed the guild and said "Noobs, might as well kick it" 

A new guild, yo, I am glad 
Sending all the dead weight out on their ass 
Is this what the people of GLORY living like?
Hmmm, this might be alright

But wait, I hear they are ex-GOON, and all that
Is GLORY the type of place we want to send us cool cats?
You don't think so?
You'll see when you get there
I hope you're prepared for the tits they post there

Well, the guild has merged and all the noobs are out
There was some HONOR on the forum complaining, they pout
I ain't tryin' to start any farming
But they are flaming
I sprang into action: "'Honor'? You are shaming"

I whistled for my Council and when they came near
I said "They call us noobs? They should look in the mirror"
If anything, I can say that their guild will scare
But I thought "Don't forget it - Yo homes, send fleet there!"

I pulled up to their gate with about 7 or 8
And I yelled to my guildmates "Yo homes, that took care!"
I looked at the debris
They were in despair
I sat on the pile and took my share

If your a little lost right about now search 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' in You Tube. :-)

Alright guys, that's all this time around. Till next time, Adeus!