Public Service Announcement: Scripts

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scriptsToday we have a public service announcement in regards to scripts and their use in Astro Empires. As I'm sure most of you know scripts are against the Astro Empires Terms of Service and should never be used with the game.

Scripts are like mini programs that interact with Astro Empires so you don't have to, sometimes through your browser and sometime's through another program. They might be used for automatically scouting, save base information or automatically interact with queues, fleets or scanners.

So, why are scripts not allowed? Well there are a number of reasons, many of which have lead to similar bars in most other MMOG's. Fairness is a big part of the reason, having access to these scripts while others do not gives an unfair advantage to some users. As a game, we feel everyone should have the same opportunities to advance, something that would be impossible with scripts.

Scripts also pose a security risk to users as has been proven time and time again in the past. Many scripts steal login information after they have been installed giving someone else access to your account, your coordinates and your fleets locations! Using a script could cost you a lot more than a warning, it might end up costing you your entire account!

Finally, scripts often consume many times more server resources a human player does causing lag ingame, especially during very active times.

As scripts are against Terms of Service their use is strictly forbidden and if you are caught using them you will be warned and fined ingame credits. Further use will lead to suspension and perhaps even a game ban. We hate to take action against players who only want to play and play well but such disregard of the rules cannot go on without recourse.

This message isn't a change in the rules or a hardening of our attitude towards scripts, just a friendly reminder to you, our players of our stance on script usage.

Some scripts do add useful features to the game, we won't deny that! We however want you, as users to suggest changes to the game through our forums feature request board rather than taking matters into your own hands and breaking the rules.

Every change to the game must be weighed up before being implemented but all suggestions are considered and many are added to Astro Empires. Then once implemented everyone can use them, fairly.

Just to finish a reminder that scripts are against ToS and should not be used. In so doing you risk being warned or suspended, you also risk your account being hacked and compromised. Don't take the risk, play AE as it's meant to be played.

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