New server announced: Axion (v4.0)

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We are excited to announce the upcoming release of a brand-new server, Axion, set to launch on September 23rd! Prepare yourselves for an enhanced gameplay experience with exciting new features aimed at ramping up combat action, strategic depth, and opportunities for comebacks!

ae axion

Some of the New Features:

Combat Loot
Both players gain 20% of total fleet destruction as combat loot.
An additional 40% becomes debris.
(Penalties apply when attacking significantly weaker opponents.)
Advantages: Encourages more offensive strategies and provide faster comebacks.

Available from server start in all galaxies, acting as public Jump Gates.

Map Changes
Adoption of the “pumpkin” map layout.

More United Colonies Bases
Start with 4 UC bases per galaxy, gradually reduced over the server lifespan.

Base Cost Adjustment
Cheaper base expansions beyond base 12.

And more!
Read all the information about version 4.0 here

Get ready for Axion! This new version will make Astro Empires better than ever. Thank you for your continuous support, and we can't wait to see you in the new universe!

Save the Date: September 23rd at 17h00 (GMT+1)