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The events notifications are side notifications that appear when some game events occur.

List of events displayed:
- Construction/production/research completed.
- Queue stated.
- Fleet arrived.
- Commander arrived and commander train completed.
- Player requested to join guild (only available to guild members with R permission).

(Later can be added more events.)


It also add the number of notifications in the browser title, for example “(1) Account”. This is useful when you play AE while doing others things on the internet, when an AE event finish you can know in the AE tab title.

Is not necessary to refresh the page to get new notifications. Except after few hours of inactivity the notifications checks pause and display “(off)” in the title, until the player start playing or refresh the page, this is to save server resources.

This feature is optional and is possible to active/disable it in the account/display page. By default it is active.

There is also a new page, the “Notifications” page that list the latest notifications.