Fleet detection & love?

Written by Ikari on . Posted in Blog

Hi guys,

This week has seen a pretty significant change to the fleet detection times in game. A new formula which will slash detection times dramatically has been announced. The new formula which changes the time of detection of a 10 million fleet from an eye watering 2,777 hours to a somewhat more manageable 47 hours will be launched during the week. Get all the details on the new formula on the forums and make sure to let us know what you think there and here :-D

In other news it seems that love is indeed in the air again in the AEverse. JonMace announced on the Ceti boards earlier this week that he and his wife to be meet through AE and will be tying the nought in little under a week! They will be the second couple to let us know that they found love despite all the pew pew, and on behalf of the whole AE staff I wish them well!

That's all for this week guys, till next time, adeus.