Operation Muloni: Part II

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77 Muloni2This is the second part of an ongoing story. If you haven't already done so I would recommend reading chapter 1 first, find it here.

”Roger that Captain. We just received your friend or foe ICG signal and are preparing the data packet please stand by.” Captain Shirogen stood at the helm of the stolen United Colonies Battleship as a pair of Hansen’s used some water hoses to flush the deck of blood stains. It had been three hours since the USS Alabastar had been stolen from the New Ashur Shipyards and the new crew’s first priority had been to dispose of the old crews remains.
“Understood Commander, do we have an up to date sit-rep on Ego Primus?”

The other individual over the com’s band was blacked out in a foggy warping man-shaped shadow glowing on the display hologram with an AI altered voice just in case someone was listening or watching through a hijacked wide-ban patch. It was merely a precaution, better safe than sorry considering that in the next few hours these few individuals would be starting an inter-galactic war.

The helm remained silent minus the shuffling of push brooms and the thudding of water against the deck plates. The com misted a grayish hue as the masked voice of the assault team’s benefactor gave a response. “Affirmative. The USS Sky Furry was intercepted near New Utopia. We are sending you that ships friend of foe ICG tag over the com’s right now. News reports and AI infiltrators show that President Sarah de Nico of the United Colonies is due to arrive for the summit talks along with her military escorts, shortly.”
“How many military escorts? Do we have any updated estimations on the overall military defense strength being fielded for the peace talks?” asked Shirogen, stroking his chin nervously.
“Yes, in orbit over Ego Primus the United Colonies have 50 Dreadnoughts with full shipboard fighter compliments. The Muloni Trade Confederation has dispatched another 50 Dreadnoughts, but Chancellor Eto Misigomi will not arrive until after you infiltrate the enemy fleet.”

The helm suddenly beeped and the com’s officer looked over his shoulder nodding discreetly at Captain Shirogen, “We have the USS Sky Furry’s friend of foe ICG tag, and we’re updating the shipboard registry right now. I also have reports that the ships external serial number and name have also been altered. We would have effectively assumed the USS Sky Furry’s identity upon arrival in three hours.”
“We are ready to begin the operation. Please send word through Fleet Com Alfa, prepare for departure from Segema, destination Ego Primus. As to our original plan, divide the fleet between the fire ships and the main task force prepped to crash the jump gate.”

On that note the black misty hologram faded out and the newly anointed Captain of the resurrected USS Sky Furry leaned back in his blood stained chair with a demonic grin upon his lips. In three hours he would infiltrate the United Colonies fleet in orbit over Ego Primus and make the first strike in a war which would ravage not only the Argon Cluster, but the entire Universe.
“Sir,” uttered the com’s officer seated towards the back of the bridge, headset in hand with an open ear, “We have a news broadcast coming in from Ego Primus. Would you like me to patch it in?”

The Captain nodded and watched as the helms multi-purpose Tac-com switched from transparent enjoy your view of deep space mode into long range broadcast interception mode. The wide-ban patch was of a news anchor standing onboard a space station near the Ego Primus jump gate giving a perfect view of the blue aquatic planet in the background. The anchor was a portly and balding man in his late forties wearing a blue wool suit and black tie.
“This is Oliver Rolands of the UCB news, and I am broadcasting live from Ego Primus, the future sight of the upcoming historic peace talks between the United Colonies and Muloni Trade Confederation. These peace talks are in the wake of the brutal Argon Cluster war better known as the Ravens March which ended twenty years ago leading to the creation of the Asaro Region Free Fire Zone. The purpose of this summit is to demilitarize the Free Fire Zone and create the first inroads to a peaceful coexistence between the UC and MTC since the Holstein Armistice,” the reporter suddenly went pale and halted his speech as the jump gate activated in the background in a magnificent blue lens of light, “Yes, we have just received confirmation from Tower Control Port Authority… President Sarah de Nico of the United Colonies has just arrived along with her escort.”

The camera suddenly changed showing the flying diamond shaped formation of four dreadnoughts escorting a Leviathan at its center. Following up the Leviathan in the rear ranks were sixteen Heavy Cruisers in rank and file formation. The fleet moved lazily past the jump gate and several assembled patrol ships belonging to the United Colonies Honor Guard. As this event unfolded, in a show of patriotic zeal, military bands played the Der Konniggratzer Marsch to the joyous shouts of UC crowds patched in live onboard the space station.

On the outro of the broadcast, before the com’s ban was cut, Captain Shirogen heard the helmsman of the Leviathan broadcast, “This is United Colonies One switching its call-sign to the USS Liberty Bell. The president is away.”

Captain Shirogen gleamed with a broad smile across his lips. In three hours he would be crashing this party and effectively end President Sarah de Nico’s bid for reelection… permanently. Of course, this would be after he and his mysterious benefactor demolished an entire United Colonies fleet and plunged the entire universe into a bloody war of mutual extermination.

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