The Time Thief

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Once a year, and every year,
among the stars to spread holy jolly cheer,
There is a green flash and a rumble,
as slip-space and time take a tumble.

Tis not magic, but scientific might,
as the notorious Time Thief makes his great flight.
Upon his rocket sleigh stands the holly jolly giant, towed by eight robotic reindeer,
to spread Christmas cheer as ye olde brigandeer.

Upon his back a solem red cape,
with a large bulging belly from perhaps a fair to many crape's.
A man? A legend? Perhaps, but alas a term more fitting,
is perhaps a little more permitting.

The Time Thief, an ancient Hyperian God most clever,
he thinks only of the innocent in this yearly endevour.

He comes forth to confront a wicked alien species known simply as the Raven,
Thinking only of those humans made most Craven,
This he does after leaving his normal safe haven,
breaking his prior vows towards his species all very graven,
for an act of liberation to the wicked Raven's self appointed tasks all so very brazen.

Tis their barbaric deeds amongst the younger races, acts of horror ever most dire,
which have earned the Time Thiefs great ire.

At Two Bells past 10:00 in a green flash above Saint Johns Colony he appeared,
"HoHoHo!" he cheers, while riding before their leviathan ships, just as those aliens had always feared.

Think not of merriment and glee, for what happens next always happens with a demented smirk through his large white beard.
Before the Raven can fire, the Time Thief quakes space itself until the the skies themselves lay seared.

Innocents are immolated on the planet down below,
as the Raven ships thought invincible shard and explode.
And oh, the Raven thought superior are now brought ever so low,
"Santa hopes that you are good, and are behaving as you should,' he mocks like a crow.

Cheerfully he sings, as the world is cirlced in molten rings.
Behold what his good tidings bring, to the Raven... it certainly stings.

Oh the destruction wrought brings much woe;
however, soon thereafter the heavens begin to glow.
For the Time Thief is more than a destroyer with a passion to bestow.
He must also deliver his noble good tidings, and friendly cargo.

With a wave of his hand,
the old Vagabond himself bends time in a manner most grand,
reversing the gloom befallen Saint Johns ashen snow,
in order to return life through the use of a reverse temperal flow.

Think what you will of the Hyperian absence,
in order to maintain their cosmic madness,
for not all aliens show such malice,
or otherwise act in a way much callous.

Indeed, some can show much love and cheer,
if only... once a year.
And so, he continues his lovely flight, to ease the universes unforunate plight,
while cheering so happily with every act of smight,
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

Time Thief 2

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