New Hope: Chapter 1

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New Hope: Chapter 1It wasn’t right away that he realized it, but when he did the entire fate of everything that would ever happen would be changed forever. Dr. Yomach at the Archivol Institute of technology had just found a habitable planet. It sat there in the darkness that surrounds like a small blue crystal in a dark cave.…

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Astro Empires celebrates 7 years

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Astro Empires celebrates 7 yearsHi guys! Can you believe it, it's been seven years since the Alpha server was launched and Astro Empires was born! It seems like yesterday. Seven years later the original Alpha server is still open with thousands of players, many who signed up in those first few months. Believe it or not Astro Empir…

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The Omega galaxies are coming!

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The Omega galaxies are coming!On May 25, a new server with the Omega galaxies will open. It is time to have a fresh start and take on a new challenge, the beginning of a new server awaits and the universe will be yours to command! Take on hundreds of other players and be the best when every action gives you the chance to take the top spots.…

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Contest: Guild Propaganda

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Contest: Guild PropagandaHi guys!It has been a while since we had our last Astro Empires contest. Sadly we have a collection of upgrades just sitting here gathering dust so I was hoping you guys could help us use them.…

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