New server announced: Bravo

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New server announced: BravoOn September 13 a new game server will open! This will be the first server located in the North America region. Users from USA, Canada and Central America will experience faster response times while playing the game. The server will open on September 13 at 17h00 (GTM+1). 10:00 a.m Central Standard T…

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Astro Empires v2 is Nearly Here!

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Astro Empires v2 is Nearly Here!There is barely a week to go now until Astro Empires v2.0 is released. Last month we unveiled some info and now its finally time to show all the details. Its been a busy year for us and we are very excited to share with you the next and biggest update ever to reach the game, wich will greatly improv…

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Speed Server: 10th Round Results

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Speed Server: 10th Round ResultsThe 10th round of our speed server, Ares, has now ended and we are pleased to announce the final ranks. Prizes will now be given to the top 3 players in each category (Level, Economy, Fleet, Technology and Combat Experience) and to the top 3 guilds by Level.…

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