A sneak peek at Astro Empires v3.0

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In the last months we have been working in a new game version to be introduced on the next game server. The changes intent to make the game a bit more faster, balanced, dynamical and competitive. Here is a sneak peek at this new version.

Some of the planned changes are:

- Limit the fleet maintenance to 30% of the player’s economy
- Slight increase most units speed
- A new technology that reduces fleet detection time
- Limit guild size to 50 members
- Review some astros attributes to make some astros more viable
- Increase by one the metal value on most astros
- Slight increase Research Labs capacity

Among several other changes.

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The Slight increase on the planets production, units speed and research speed, will make the game a bit faster.

The new technology that reduces fleet detection times and the increase of units speed will make the game more dynamic.

The cap on the fleet maintenance will allow players to keep pushing fleet later on.

There will be some other changes. All the details will be posted during the next weeks.