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Speed Server: 10th Round Results

on . Posted in News

Speed Server: 10th Round ResultsThe 10th round of our speed server, Ares, has now ended and we are pleased to announce the final ranks. Prizes will now be given to the top 3 players in each category (Level, Economy, Fleet, Technology and Combat Experience) and to the top 3 guilds by Level.

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The Blue Unicorn

on . Posted in AE Stories

The Blue UnicornHe still couldn't believe it was real. As a child, Carl had been told the story of the « Blue Unicorn » a hundred times. It had been his favourite bedtime story, the tale of an Imperial Fleet battleship that disappeared during the first liberation wars together with her escort of cruisers and fighte…

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Warrior-Emperor of Stone

on . Posted in AE Stories

Warrior-Emperor of StoneMy story begins on a small moon of metal, which came to be known as Jötunheim shortly before I was born. It was hard growing up in such a place, especially since food was hard to come by. Fertile land was next to nonexistent, and often only the most powerful of warlords controlled those areas. My cl…

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